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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Are attached girls off limits to other guys? The OFF LIMITS Series.

These last few months I went on hiatus, because I found there was nothing significant for me to write on other than the usual encounters I had.

I wanted to offer something more than just the usual, I embarked on a journey to test myself and see are attached girls really off limits to other guys? Again no offence to ladies out there, this is just me an average guy trying out.

Here is a few criteria I set for the lady:and myself.

  • In the relationship for at least 1 year minimum, so I get a genuine lady who is attached.
  • Age range 23- 35.
  • Working class
  • She must not be someone I already know.
  • No Drunk Sex
  • Mutual consent to hook up for 3 different times

This is going to be a 4 part series titled "OFF LIMITS" released every Tuesday.

Series Title

Hope you enjoy this series of write up and be sure to follow me for future posts.

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