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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

OFF LIMITS - The Connection

The start of every journey would always be the toughest.

It took nearly a month to identify the perfect candidate who fits in the criteria:

  • Attached for at least a year
  • Aged 23 to 35
  • Working Class
The toughest part was to always look around her fingers to see if there is a ring around their fingers or any ring lines.

Finally, after some time I met, Josephine.

I saw her a few times having her morning coffee at the same spot for a couple of days, but didn't really managed to find a way to start a convo with her, plus I'm no hunk to sweep her off her feet or something. After a few mornings of back and forth to hatching up a plot, the cafe was PACKED!

But, as usual Josephine was just sitting at the same spot to have her morning coffee with an empty seat in front of her. Took my chance to ask if the seat was taken and as usual she was there alone so come brownie points for me.

Got my coffee and sat right in front of her. Still hesitant, I did not know how I should break a conversation with her. So begun the random questions in having a conversation.

Me: Hey, how come its so packed this morning?

Jo: Hmm, its usually packed on Fridays, you don't come here often?
(I'm going to call her Jo from here on)

Thinking to myself, fuck! I'm screwed...

Me: ohh.. oddly the vending machine at my building ran out of Coke..

Jo: Coke?! (Looking oddly confused)

Me: I'm a Coke-connoisseur..

As I laughed away my awful reasoning..

Jo: What's that?

Me: Well, you know how they have Wine Connoisseurs.. I'm the Coca Cola version. For example, if you see a can or a bottle of coke in Singapore they usually spell Classic or Klassic on the label. The one that starts with C is made in Msia for distribution to Singapore which taste more carbonated and less sweet, while the only spelt with a K is made in Indonesia which are less carbonated and more sweeter.

Jo: Oh wow, I didn't know there was a diff..

Me: haha.. there is more la but don't wanna bore you with Coca-Cola 101 early in the morning..

Jo: no la, it is kind of fascinating I'd say.

At this point I felt I made some connection there with our informal speech..

After talking a little bit more, I found out she pretty much fell into the criteria I set for myself. We both had to leave for our office after awhile. Didn't realize but we pretty much headed the same direction with her office building right beside mine and I waved at her bye neighbor.

With this event, I begun operation tap and go the following week Monday to Wednesday, where I would just walk-in to grab a coffee to go and say Hi to her shortly. For Thursday however, I decided to just walk past the cafe, while she stared outside. Pretending to be on the phone as I walked by, took a glance at her trying to wave at me, I ignored her and walked off.

For me this process I would say was to create an imprint impression to her.

At last it was Friday again and knowing the cafe would be packed as previous week, I went there early and grabbed a seat and waited. Jo came in after some time luckily she spotted me, but this time round she came with a baggage. Another colleague of hers came along this time round and joined us. Luckily they both pretty much looked alike in terms of stats and facial structure. Jo introduced her colleague Xin to me as they both sat down at the table.

Me: Hey are you 2 sisters?

Jo:  Isit cos we Chinese?

Me: ya la.. why cannot? hahaha.. nah it's cos both of you are facial structure are closely related to Yuan Chinese that's all..

Jo: Yuan Chinese??

At that time Xin looked puzzled as well..

Me: Are we going to start off with another Coke-Connoisseur morning?

Xin: Coke-Connoisseur?

Jo: He is Coca Cola Wikipedia lo.. so what's Yuan Chinese?

Me: Here we go I guess...

I explained to them pretty much China's dynasty history and migration patterns.

Jo: Oh shit, so I'm really not Chinese Chinese..

Xin: Where you find him one?

Me: See la first time meet your colleague I end up telling grandfather stories..

Jo: okay la still fascinating I guess...

Xin: okay la it's not a bad story..

We chatted awhile more before making our way back to our offices, this time Xin forward a handshake to me and said nice meeting you. Jo waved bye and they both walked up the stairs.

Couldn't help but stare at the ladies walking up the stairs as Jo's butt wiggled side to side and Xin's perky butt was popping in her dress.

My dick woke up suddenly.. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. Fuck My Life.

Thankfully I have a messenger bag to cover up, so I headed over to my office thinking and pondering on how I could ever break the acquaintances chain and get in the friend zone...

 Weeks passed, going through the same cycle with Jo and sometimes Xin, finally hatched the perfect plan. After finding out what industry Jo was in, I started to seek her advice on certain areas to get more conversation flowing.

A few weeks passed where she would invite me over to her office to "help" me with some work related issues and Xin would be there from time to time.  I could sense the both of them soon getting more informal with me and that seems to be all the right signs :)

*beep* *beep* I get a text from Jo, asking for my plans for tonight and my thoughts ran wild "is it time already?"


Jo: Hey whats your plan for tonight?

Me: Nothing much probably go home to rest or go night cycling..

Jo: wa you can cycle?

Me: wa cannot meh? so what's up?

Jo: hmm nothing much  just wanting to check if you're free tonight to help me and Xin out on one of our proposal and its right in your field.

Me: Aiya you both helped me out so much, no prob! But you owe me BJ

Jo: BJ?!

Me: Ben & Jerry.. why?

Jo: ... ok ok

After clocking out, 3 of us headed to grab a light dinner and wait for their office to clear out...

As we ate and had a good chat, Jo's phone rang and the smile on her face faded soon after.

She told us her mom had a fall at home and needed to rush over.

Jo: Hey sorry, but I really need to head back home urgently.

Me: yeah go check on your mom and update us ok? Me and Xin will heart 2 heart work :P

Xin: ehhh.. okay okay, no choice I suppose..

On the way back to Xin's office we begun to talk more on a personal level and getting to know one another better since it was always with Jo around we didn't really talk much.

Xin: so what's your real motive with Jo?

Me: Motive? get free ice cream from both of you hehehe! But hey its 2019, I'm pretty sure opposite sex can just be friends. Plus I got 2 pretty ladies to accompany me for dinner how can I complain?

Xin: what about your girlfriend? Wait till she find out...

Me: No la don't have one, why? Whats your motive?

Xin: No la just asking that's all.

We started talking more about our hobbies and pretty much getting to know one another more.

That's the end of Part 1: The Connection.
Come back next Tuesday for Part 2: Friend Zoned Dinner.

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