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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

OFF LIMITS- Throbbing and Teases Part A

Hey guys this is the part 3A of my 4 part series "OFF LIMITS": Throbbing and Teases.

If you haven't read Part 2 click here.

The night with Xin beside me was great and the morning came.

We looked at each other in utter silence, for Xin she looked as though she made a mistake and couldn't bear the awkward meet up we may have with Jo along.

I pulled her over on the bed and whispered "Whatever happened last night and in future will be just between us. I want us to get along as we did in the past, nothing less of that. But if you want this to carry on, just close your eyes and turn to me".

I had to admit her mouth works were mind blowing and it was one of the best few I had all my life. So I'm not definitely letting her slide of.  Plus that ass jiggles each time you spank 'em.

To my delight she turned and I begun kissing her forehead to her lips and making my way to her neck, as I got in position to have a little bit more of morning fun. Grinding her thighs as she let off soft moans and finally opened the pathway to her honey pot.

We had another few rounds of fun, before washing up and going out for breakfast.

The Following week...

Saw both Jo and Xin at the cafe as usual. As we carried out our conversation Xin just kept quiet all the way. After awhile..

Jo: Xin, why so quiet?

Xin: Nothing.. just tried..

Jo: hor.. did "TheSnake" bully you after I left?
Just using an alias for my name :)

Me:wa you're the one who pang seh us.. now just blame me..

Xin: huh? no la just didn't get enough sleep.

We pretty much continued our conversation about sleeping habit somehow. After awhile longer 3 of us headed back to our office.

I pretty much noticed how Xin was having an awkward time so I sent her a text.

Me: Hey are you free this evening? I need some input for my new project.

Xin: yeah should be fine, jio Jo along?

Me: I think you'd be fine alone, if not later the boyf jealous u taking up her time too much heh!

Xin: okay okay see you at 630!

Me: okay!

As I clocked out of my office and headed over, Xin suggested to meet at the recreational room instead since its more laid back there.

Xin: So what do you need help with??

Me: hmm, actually just wanted to have a talk with you... about earlier, I know things are still a lil awkward between us and I wish we could find a way to make things right as I don't want to lose a good friend like you... 

Xin: err.. actually you're right I didn't really know how to approach things this morning. But can I tell you something?

Me: Yeah of cos you can la..

Xin: you know how we're both single and sometimes I get really get sexuall frustrated from stress.

I went over beside her and placed my hands around her mouth..

Me: I know, to be honest I always get a boner when you walk up the stairs with those butt cheeks jiggling.

As I slowly slipped my hands into her panty and started rubbing her off. Xin stood up and dragged me out of the office. Smiling to myself as I felt blood rushing down my veins giving me a boner.

We ended up in the office shower and did the deed. After our session we both went to grab dinner together and started talking more. 

Xin: Hey so initially who would you bang? Me or Jo?

Thinking there is no point keep things from her and felt it would help me bring myself closer to her as well..

Me: To be completely honest, I always wanted to taste Jo since forbidden fruits always taste sweeter.

Xin: wa you philosopher or something? Say things that sounds so chim.

Me: haha, no la just my honest answer. why you jealous?

Xin: At least I'm satisfied for now, unlike her..
Xin's face turned pale as though she said uttered words not meant for my ears.

Me: Unlike her? what's wrong with Jo?

Xin: No la nothing...

Me: wei I thought we were being honest here ma, I told you my secret. You should too and it will be  between just us 2.

Xin: You better not tell her I told you ok!

Xin: Well, her current boyfriend who she really loves a lot. He can't seem to satisfy her in bed..

Me: hmm.. erectile dysfunction?

Xin: no la he can erect just that his kind of short and vanilla.

I started getting more curious about Jo's sex life. 

Me: That bad? Like 1cm?

Xin: eh the fuck I know lol, I go there measure? 

Me: haha aiya I thought you gals always discuss in details ma..

Xin: Why you interested?

Me: You know where I stand on that la, but if you're open to helping her out I don't mind.

Xin: Actually, we treat each other like sisters and I want her to enjoy her sex life too.

Me: You say one ah.. let's work together on that.

We both continued talking about things under the sun and went back as usual.

Things went by as usual and it was Jo's birthday soon. Xin and I decided to throw her a surprise Birthday Clubbing night together with her boyfriend.

Jo's boyfriend was going to drive the 3 of us over since Xin would be bringing the cake along and we needed to distract her.

The car pulls over but seems odd as I only see a dazzling low cut short dressed Jo in the car and no sight of her boyfriend.

Me: Your boyfriend?

Jo: nah he got called back..

Me: Call back?

Jo: Army lo..

Me: ahh wasted!

I started to feel bad for her since it was suppose to be fun night for her birthday and sort. 
Also luckily I wasn't driving since her sexy thighs were damm distracting and had a tough time controlling my hands...
We continued our conversation as I texted Xin letting her know the change of plans.

This is the end of Part B for Throbbing and Teases, it was a pretty long night. Stay tune for next week on what really went down!

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