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Thursday, June 13, 2019

OFF LIMITS - Friend Zoned Dinner

Hey guys this is the part 2 of my 4 part series "OFF LIMITS": Friend Zoned Dinner.

If you haven't read Part 1 click here.

After all the interactions Jo, Xin and myself became pretty close friends.

Where we had dinner regularly and talked about anything under the sun.

At one point I could see Xin was really trying to get close with me, although my target was Jo.
But, potential booty call. I can't complain there.

Although Jo and I could share a cab her bf usually picks her up, so Xin and I usually spend more time together. Eventually 1 time we decided to play some 1 to 1 bluff dice game where the loser has to choose either Truth or Dare..

Some how luck wasn't really on my side this time and she asked what was my darkest secret that most may not know. I told her about yoni massage and she seemed rather interested as she kept asking me more questions regarding it.

Then came her turn, asking her about her darkest kink. She mentioned it was to be groped and touch in public by someone she knows but not in a relationship with.

We were sitting side by side in a dimmed corner, I was tipsy a lil and there goes my hand.

Me: Like this?
As  I placed my hands on her thighs

Xin: umm...a bit more intense ba..

We continued playing our game with my hands on her thighs..

After another round where she had to take a full shot, I started using my fingers to slowly roll up her dress. Feeling her soft silky thighs and rubbing my hands on them gently. Blood quickly rush through my veins giving me a hard on instantly. I decided to go for it by moving my fingers below the dress with only the dim light covering them.

we paused the game for awhile as we were listening to the live stage music. 
I could feel the area near the honey hole getting more moist, thought that she was just perspiring... 
As I slid my fingers through the door, more liquid started flowing in and she started getting wetter...

Me:  wow so serious uh?

Xin: It's been sometime, since I last..

Me: Want me to take care of it?

Xin I was expecting you to.

I pulled her closer and whispered "Be a good slut and take off your bra & panty before we leave"

She got up quickly and headed towards the washroom.

I quickly called for the bill cos I know what's up next :)

After settling the bill, we waited for our ride.
My fingers at that point really got too itchy and decided to poke her pussy as we wait..

The back of her dress started to have a big round patch from all juices that dripped from her pussy.
The ride came, decided to give her a break from the pokes. She grabbed my arm and hugged it with my hands right over her skirt. Guessing she wanted more..

I leaned forward and started talking with the driver... as my fingers slid in more, teasing the honey pot..

while conversing, I asked..

Me: hey so hows the camera? more safer for you now days? 

Driver: err its okay la, usually just records the front. So you guys can just continue.. just don't dirty it.

At this point, I was pretty surprised he knew and he told me its pretty common around this timing..
Me: hahaha... ok thanks I guess..

 I started fondling her breast more till its all perky, she was a tad shy since its in-front of a total stranger but liked it the fact she was being groped by someone she knows...

Xin: hey out of me and Jo who would you pick for a girlfriend?

Was totally off guard on that and I blurt out Jo's name.. What a dumb answer -_-

Me: cos I rather fulfill your kink of playing someone whose not in a r/s with you..

PHEW! HENG AH! I gave myself the Official "Save a Fuck" title.

As we made our way to the hotel lobby, I told her I didn't bring protection.

Xin: It's okay, I'm on birth Controls..just cum in
She gently smiled while mentioning cum in.

My eyes opened extra wide with the thought 'CREAM PIE! CREAM PIE! CREAM PIE!"
Then I came to a realization how slutty she must be in bed.

As we walked out of the life and head towards the room. I gave her a back hug and telling her from this point on till morning she is my cock slut. 

 I quickly used both my hands to pull out her dress shoulder knot exposing her silky back.

Xin: wei.. don't..

Me: you're my cock slut remember?

Xin: tck...

As I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the room, she used the other hand to cover her boobs.

Stranger: WOW!

Xin quickly took the room card and dashed towards the room. By this time her dress came off as she didn't hold on to it properly.

Got so turned on seeing those butt cheeks wiggle as she ran.

As I walked into the room, she slammed the door shut!

Xin: What were you doing?!! Cannot Wait??

Me: You wanted public remember? Don't complain le..

Xin: HMPH!
she couldn't control but smiled when she heard those word..

Dam this wild chick..I pushed her towards the wall. Pinning her hands together on top of her head.
While the other hand grabbed on to her neck. From the get go we started to make out intensely right at the door step. She pulled off her hands and started fondling around my body.

What Happened next? I'm pretty sure you all know =)

This concludes the end of Part 2. Stay tuned next week for Part 3.

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