Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Other Side. Part II

He grabbed both her hands together and said “NO Touching.’ Confused as she was she stayed quiet and continued to grind him.
He finally uncovered her eyes and she was in a shock....
With ships on the water and metal poles running up high through her eyes as the wind smashes against her face. It was one of the breath taking views she missed laying eyes upon. As she grinds the moment away.
He goes “remember...” as her grinds get more subtle, hand prints begun forming around her butt cheeks. Her skin stings from the print, yet she enjoys every touch. He roughly places both her arms behind her back while his hard crotch pressed between her cheeks, “ahhhh~” she unknowingly lets off a soft moan. “Heh!” as he bounds both arms in knots.
He grabs her throat from the back and says “Get ready.”, her eyes looking all confused. The blinds met her eyes once again. He continues imprinting his palms on to her butt cheeks.
He grabbed a chair and sat beside her while pulling her on to his lap. The sting on her butt came at full force as she bit her lips to handle the sting. He tells her “You’re in safe hands now” as he gently strokes a feather across her neck. They started talking more intimately, as time went on. The thoughts of this conversation might be the end of her experience.
She asked “is this going to end?” she realized she has yet to ask for his name. Running his hands across her hair, he grabs it! Call me Snake. 
Wind starts rubbing more deeper against her nipples and started shaking in thrill more as she realizes her straps were cut off exposing her top to him. Nobody did that to her ever before and this time she was genuinely scared with various thoughts going through her mind. She leaned her head on his shoulders softly saying “fuck me hard, but don’t hurt me”.
He grabbed her chin with both cheeks pressed “you’re safe”. She shifted from his lap to sit down on his crotch. With her hands tied between her back she started to unbuckle his belt and pants. With her hands half way through his pants, she slowly slid down to the ground. Getting on to her knees, she started to please him gently with her tongue running across the crotch and feeling the warmth of the dick. “That’s not so big” as she begun kissing the dick more and placed it fully into her mouth.Tears started dripping through her eyes as things didn’t go her way. The dick was merely asleep before entering the mouth and she started choking on it.
She got engrossed on slurping his dick as he played with her nipples while squeezing her breast tightly.
After 10 mins, her face stood up and smiled while saying “I’m ready to be fucked”.
To be continued.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Other Side.

It’s pretty much about a lady who got dumped by a guy because he said she was boring in bed and looks ugly in bed. Initially she was pretty depressed and tried getting over it. 

Searching on google to see how she can improve her skills in bed and what not. One night she went into a chatroom asking guys what they love in bed and can they be pleased.

She became engrossed in seeking answers and all of it feels a tad boring. A few months later with numerous unsuccessful dates to move on. She accidentally leaves her phone in a cab. A stranger finds it unlocked. He wanted to help the owner get her phone back and eventually started looking through her phone… 

She thanks him for returning the phone over dinner as they chit chat he brings out the topic of secret desires.. she asks if he had looked through her phone. He tells her that is not important and starts paying compliments to her body.

He orders 3 shots of tequilas as he calls for the bill.

The drinks arrive and he places 2 shots to her side. She was taken aback and asked why she had to drink 2. He reaches out from his bag and places a Eye Cover Mask beside the second shot and says “If you want to take a chance at something new this is it.”

She takes a big gulp with the first shot and gets a lil hesitant.He whispers, you have a great body and asset so don’t let 1 guy bring you down. With those comforting words she boldly puts on the blind fold and downs the 2nd tequila. “What now?” she asked…

He goes “shhhh…” as he takes her by the hand and walks for a few minute. Slowly guiding her, she suddenly trips and he catches her fall. They continue walking further and her heart starts pounding harder as she hear sounds of a lift.Her ears get blocked suddenly, not knowing what to expect. She hears a sliding door and the breeze starts hitting her face.

He slowly runs down the back of his hands on the sides of her body as he whispers “you’re in safe hands so keep your eyes closed.”Her breathing started to return to normal and as he slightly squeezes her thighs and runs his hands up her tender body. He whispers “your tender sexy body is something real men desires” as he begun removing the eye cover while one hand still covering her eyes.

He tells her softly “Each time you see this view, remember this moment. Remove my hands yourself in 5 seconds, you may leave. If not tell me what you desire most.”.

All flustered and her inner desires starts to give in. She started grinding him and rubbed her hands around his crotch.

He grabbed both her hands together and said “NO Touching.’ Confused as she was she stayed quiet and continued to grind him.

He finally uncovered her eyes and she was in a shock.

That’s all for part 1 :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Back from hiatus...Penned up.

Hi guys, I know it has been pretty long since I last penned down. Had some personal things to take care of and I have been doing private erotica write ups for couples.

I'm looking for potential candidates to be part of the write up.
A shout out to the female readers out there, if you're keen on a solo write up or wanting to have it with your significant other. Feel free to beep me up with a short intro about yourself and partner if any to

Thank you :)

The Other Side. Part II

He grabbed both her hands together and said “NO Touching.’ Confused as she was she stayed quiet and continued to grind him. He finally unco...