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Friday, January 4, 2019

Double Trouble Part 3B Final

Part 3B is the final write-up of my Phuket trip together with JJ, if you haven't read part 3 Click here to read it.

Part 3B sets off when the 3 of us made it back to the house.

As we stepped into the house, my urges to have J1 in her birth day suit grew even stronger. But there was J2.

3 of us decided to have a quick wash up before having our drinks, the house had washrooms in both rooms and 1 common washroom outside which didn't have a shower. 

Told them to go ahead and use my room's shower first, by luck J1 went ahead to use the shower in my room.

The door closed in the girl's room with J2 inside. I knew this might be my only chance during the trip. J1 started walking into my room and I walked right behind her.

 I closed my rooms door...

J1 stared at me, I stood inches away from her with the wall right behind her.
J1: What you doing?

My hands on her hips slowly moving down... inches away from that bubble butt.
Me: After all that was done today, I'm going to pound you tonight.

J1 stared and took a big gulp...

Seconds passed as I pressed my lips on top of hers to calm her down, while my hands pinned her hips to the wall. She gave off a soft moan and started caressing my body while pulling my hard rod closer to her honey pot.

We started making out intensely with gentle dry humps, I wanted to pound her so bad I started biting her neck while she moaned softly. The magic words came... "Fuck me..."

I pulled off her dress,.. only to find her tits dangling with erected nipples on both sides. 
I felt starved for days as I began to sucking her nipples and squeezing the other one hard while she stroked my dick and finally said "Fuck me... please.."

Not wanting to waste time on the bed, I pulled her up to table and started to pound her intensely as I ate out her tits, with 1 hand gently holding her neck to the wall...

I wanted to cum so badly, but I held in, cos she deserves to be pounded hard and long...


A sound came through the door, we both looked at each other with the expression "Oh shit!"

I pulled out my dick quickly, and just cummed all over her tummy and thigh, as she hurried to the bathroom. I  pulled up my pants and opened the door.

J2: the fk you 2 doing?

Me: nothing la she don't know where to place my stuff, so just helped her out..

J2: Sure or not? You thrust so fast sure can hear from outside.

Now its my turn, staring at J2 with a blank face...

She leaned forward...

whispered softly
J2: plus your pants are wet..
while giving off a foxy smirk

I looked down to only realize I haven't cummed fully earlier..

J2: okay la as long as you 2 are having fun and you better take care of her for the rest of the trip kay!


It just hit me J2 explicitly gave the green light to pound J1 as much as I can.

Me: you say one ah, don't later jealous that I didn't h2h with u this trip hor...

J2: Say some more!

Me: Sorry Mama-san!

J2 got pissed, came running towards me with her palm in the air ready to strike!
I quickly grabbed her hands as she was about to strike...

Me:Nice try!

At that very moment I could see J2 staring directly below with ill intention, as she started to swing the other hand at my crotch....But once again I stopped it inches away from a painful night.

A soft smack, as I had enough of her nonsense... I started rubbing her hands on my crotch since she wants to hit it so much...

and I whispered~

Me: Want to know what happened earlier?
As I pushed her towards the couch~

Our eyes locked with no hesitation from her, that moment I knew she wanted it as well.
I leaned forward with my crotch at her water gates as I pinned her down to the couch.

Being the teaser that I was,1 hand grabbing her butt cheeks while the other thumb cover her lips...
With a hard thrust....I whispered "I'm saving you for tonight" as I licked her ear slightly.

Her ears went full chili crab red with excitement..

Greed came gushing in my brain wanting to devour the both of them in the same bed.

J1: oi  what you both doing?

Me: Teaching her self defense..

J1: wa teach her only? so I'm a nobody?

Me: Yours will have private lesson tonight don't worry ok.

J1: wait long long la..

Me: J2 said she approve le

J1: fk off la both of u...

All 3 of us pretty much washed up, some more than the other.. we started having our drinks chatting and playing some games. All I could think of on how to propose a 3some.... Bloody hell!

After some card games, I suggested the Taste Bud Game where 2 of us are blind folded have to guess the body part that our tongue tasted. We played some fun rounds where I would occasionally grope the both of them.

Born with a sensitive nose, I could smell one of them was a lil wet from all the teases. Once again it was my turn and I decided to help myself by rubbing my fingers around their pussy. The both really held it in until J1 couldn't take it anymore and gave off a soft moan. I figured J2 would make my stop by now, but I saw a devilish smile on her face as if she knew what was happening.

I Stopped.

The game continued and since both were a little wet, we went into the hot tub to continue the game.

It came back to my turn again and I know I had to make my move this round.
I got myself out of the tub and standing right between their heads, with my dick pulled out.

Me: Okay you both are gonna take turn tasting and guessing it. Its a pretty "HARD" guess so feel free to taste around.

I placed J1's lips on the left side and J2's on the front end. It FINALLY HAPPENED JJ's BJ!

They moved side to side for 15 secs and missing each others lip. The 2 lips met, I held J1's head tightly as she was trying get away. To my surprise J2 kept on licking, either the alcohol is helping me or she is purely enjoying this.

Me: Whatever happens tonight will stay between us 3.

J1 started to give me in by licking more sensually and smiling. At this point both lady still had their blindfolds on. As they started kissing each other more and more, I took the blind folds off. They were all smiles...

We all know what happened next. I shall leave it to your imagination :)

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