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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Double Trouble Part 3A

Part 3A is the continuation of my Phuket trip together with JJ, if you haven't read part 2 Click here to read it.

Part 3A begins, right after the J1's curiosity.
As both ladies started soaking back in the tub, I finished up on my cooking.

While having our meal we started planning on what to do in the evening. 
My mind was literally filled with ways and places I could bang J1. 

So we planned an usual list of going to the night market, catching a thai horror and having dinner afterwards.

The night market was pretty fun filled with good food and browsing through some sultry clothing, well the clothes are just me thinking how would the gals look in them. Thanks for my wild thoughts I can't help but wanting to suggest to the girls. 

I went beside J1, to whisper "I think that nurse clothing would make them look bigger" as my hands just fondled her butt cheeks unknowingly. She whispered back "Really? hmm fat hope then". At least I tried my luck but it daunted on me how she didn't bother to remove my hands from her butt. I guess that's a great sign to begin with.

Next on the list came thai horror, every guy's ideal scenario came in to mind hoping it would happen. But nope, J2 sat beside me and all hope was lost.

Although in the middle of the movie J2 started grabbing on to me more and more. I decided to take the chance and slide closer to her and let her wrap her arms around mine. Guess that's all  I can settle for at this moment I suppose. Right beside her I could see J1 being distracted and kept looking over to the arm linking between J2 and me, sensing some envy is in the air but didn't give much attention to it and just enjoyed the movie.

While heading out from the theatre could see J1 trying to avoid eye contact with me and starting distancing herself more from me. But I decided to play with her as well. sat right beside her during dinner and slowly hovered my hands around her thighs. Her face became more flustred and red over dinner, J2 excused herself and the hunt begans.

Me: Hey.. what's wrong?

(As I started hovering deeper into her thighs) 

J1: Nothing la... don't need bother..

Me: Isit about earlier today in the kitchen?

J1: Shh!

Me: I really liked it, wish I could return the favor too..

J1 paused for a moment not knowing what to reply... 

Me: This trip, you're mine. So go take off your panty now if its a yes.

J1 looked more puzzled and right before she could answer, J2 came back asking why are we both whispering.

J1: huh? nothing nothing..

J2: Sure bo?

Me: aiya she trying be alcoholic and asking where we gonna go for drinks afterwards..

J2: chey like that also can whisper?

Me: I don't know she wanna look classy ma..

J1: Tck... (as she stormed off to the washroom)

Me: She having her period?

J2: aiya don't tease her already...

Me: where got..

We continued to finish up our dinner and thinking "Tease? how come she knows??"

J1 finally came back from the washroom after quite sometime. As she was sat down and pulled the chair towards her, she grabbed on to my palm which was resting on my thigh and sat on it gently.

J1: what you guys talking about?

I had to pause for awhile there, as my hands were too busy trying to figure out, what the fuck was going on.... Then it daunted PANTYLESS! My face starting glowing with joy and started smiling more...

J2: Siao ah? keep smiling.. so happy she is back?

Me: oh no la just thought of my previous trip to here we did something fun.

They both asked what I did previously, then I suggested hot tub + drinks and games.

CALL! they were on about it, we went to the mart to grab some drinks but J1 suddenly disappeared without us noticing.

We thought we lost her, but she suddenly reappeared around the store with a bag.

J1: Ah ps went to grab some snacks..

Me: wei don't any how go off le..

J2: you ah.. later your parents ask why I lost her daughter...

J1: ok ok sorry guys, I buy ice cream for you okay?

Me:  1 TUB!

J1: pig...

After getting our drinks and snacks we headed back to the house to get the party started. It was a pretty LONGGG night. So I'll repost Part 3B on Sunday.

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