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Monday, October 15, 2018

Bootyful Joyce

This happened a few years back..

I was invited to a friend's birthday chalet, initially had my +1 but we broke up so just happened to be there alone.

As we laughed and played, at the corner of my eyes something was amiss. 

A pretty lady was sitting at a corner not mingling around with the rest.

Me: Hey, Miss All Alone :) 

Joyce: HAHA! Thanks you made me feel all better after my boyfriend ditched me when I got here.

Thinking to myself, dam she is hot and got a boyfriend? Well, I guess we can just be friends.

At the end invited her over to have some drinks to chill out with the rest.

All I could think of that time was how great of a body she had especially those butt cheeks popping out from her booty shorts.
We exchanged numbers before she left, never to hear from her for a while.

Suddenly, a few weeks later...

A message popped up.

In Text~

Joyce: Hey... Remember me?

Me: no no I don't want to buy insurance!

Joyce: Walao! say till like that...

Me: Hahaha... Kidding what's up?

Joyce: uhmm nothing much..just got off from a dreadful day at work and just wanna get high!

Me: Haha it's Friday ma bo bian.. get high? Yeah you pretty much end up in hospital after that lol.. (She was one of the rare few who is allergic to alcohol)

Joyce: No la.. my colleague was telling me smoking cigs can make you high as well le but I don't want to start smoking at my workplace and let them know about it. Just want to try once...

Me:  hehe, would offer you but later your boyfriend would kill me hahaha!

Joyce: Aiya his also not in town, went on a holiday with his friends. So you nothing to do tonight right?

Me: alright we can try if you want to, where should we meet?

So she picked the place and time, which was pretty perfect to have a nice quiet night to chill out~
Reached there, yet being a typical Singaporean she was late.

In text~

Me: Wei, you fly airplane?

Joyce: sorry! missed the earlier bus

Me: so the bus fault? you owe me 1 being late ;P

Joyce: .. bish!

Me: Take that as a yes!

10minutes passed and the lady with all the right curves appeared.

As she appeared in her cyan floral dress, I couldn't help but wonder what job allowed her to wear that to work.

Just happened to be thinking out loud...

Me: Wow! what job lets you wear that eh?

Joyce: Walao.. my work clothing so fugly, later you say I bo style...

Me: No wonder! we got a late ass here but is the dress to impress me?

Joyce: *Slaps my arm* Tck..

We went over to a shop and grabbed some drinks before settling down on a bench near the park.
Time to test the water decided to sit right beside her with a little gap in-between, turns out to have no reaction from her..

Me: so what really made you wanna try smoking?

Joyce: Just cheap thrills to get high.. hehe..

Me: *Roll eyes* lol ok ok (Handing her a cig)

Joyce: Yes, master!

She tries the beginner method of just lighting the cig with no suction involved *FAILED*. The cig didn't burn through properly and told her to suck the cig while she lighted. As they say newbie smoker syndrome, she took a big puff while lighting and ended up choking herself. Patted her down to get rid of the cough, my hands were still on her back even after she calmed down. Guessing that would be a sign of comfort, decided to leave my hands there as we smoked and chatted. Before things took a turn.

Joyce: eh how come the first time I sucked the air I choked?

Me: you suck so hard like giving a bj, of course, will choke la.. got to puff with lesser strength..

Joyce: wa lao! si tiko *pushes me away*

Luckily I was quick enough to grab on to her shoulder to be right beside her with no gap in between..
Me: who told you to flaunt your bedroom skills?

*Clock Strikes Midnight* at the golden hour with just a glimpse of her alluring blushes the park lamp goes off.

That moment I can feel her heart pounding extremely hard..and she softly said she has to leave at 1am.

Me: wow is this the kind of topic lets your heart race?

Joyce: ermm... a little la.. aiyo who don't?

The chance sets in, as I told her my view of her when I first met her and wanting to solve to Mystery between 36C or 36D. 
With my arms still around her shoulder, took the chance and softly pressed on side boob and thinking to myself "oh did I just fuck things up" unexpectedly it was a good fuck up as she leaned more towards me and gently said, "don't la walao".

Me: Solving the mystery ma..and wow they are really soft bouncy Ds (As I carried on to press further)

she softly obliged as I placed my other hands on the lonely boob that was not inspected.

Both getting comfortable, I decided to slip 1 hand in as she softly moaned to the gentle touches and hugged me tighter..a sprung of Vega Boyz came into my mind "BOOM! BOOM! Boom! come lets spend the night together, together in my room BOOM! BOOM! Boom!"

All those thoughts were almost fantasies as she suddenly got up..

Joyce: We shouldn't be doing this! *Turning away from me*

Quickly got up and gave her a back hug whispering~
"I'm sorry.. but I can't explain why just the presence of you beside me, give me thirst to get even closer with you"

Just as I felt I saved the day, The Snake decided to rise up all the way making the bulge even harder as it rubs agains her delicate butt.. yet she continues to remain having her butt nudged on TheSnake.

Me: your heart is racing harder even now, I guess it's also curiously wanting the same outcome as me.

As I slowly moved her back on the bench, with sitting on my lap. We made out for a while, before I slipped my hands under and the other keeping at her neck to synchronize the heart beats..

Gentle strokes on her already flooded panty, drawn a more louder moan as I slipped away one of her dress straps. I lean in to pleasure her further as she stroked away TheSnake.

Me: TheSnake would love to make friends with your lips..

Joyce: cannot la public!

Me: My place is empty, I'll send you back later lah..

she nodded and whispered only oral okay..

We went over to my place, as the door closed we started making out like long lost lovers while moving towards the couch.

Undressing each other in the midst, as I hovered my lips down to the honey hole she started moaned softly..
As it went on we magically got into the magical 69 and feasted...

In the midst, I can sense the her moans were getting higher and longer. After awhile, I felt I was hearing her thoughts in my head "fuck me" and there it was again but louder.

As the sweet nectar flowed.. I continued slurping down while thrusting my tongue in ignoring her request.
Soon we got back again to making out with the nectar realm inches away from TheSnake she gently whispered the same words, with my reply "Beg Me~".

She repeated.. "Fuck! me Please!~"*smirk* 
Now when a lady says her please, it would be hard to deny the request.

Hours flew in a matter of seconds.. the fun comes to an end with a shower ending.

We headed out and sent her back to her place, bidding goodbye to our moment.

The End.

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