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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Meet Ms Claire.

This happened a few months back.

We all went to do a farewell for a colleague of ours at a pub.

So initially it was just us 4 guys sitting down.

We looked across the other side there were a bunch of 6 ladies sitting down & enjoying their drinks while singing.

Being guys we just talked randomly of us being a little "ke lian" just guys drinking and would love for the ladies to come over & join us.

So the guy who we were wishing farewell to thought it would be a great idea if he could sing and make the ladies come join beside us, he did that but nothing really happened.

A while later to their surprise the ladies came to the table right beside us. They were shocked that it worked! 
Well actually, it didn't they just had to move cause the table beside us can accommodate 2 more of their friends who just joined them. 

Me: *roll eyes* yeah the ladies sat at the table beside us because of you :)..

The guy who sang was just too happy lol he decided to sing another song *lol*

So we just continued playing with our dice, and of the ladies at the other table sitting beside me started looking at our table playing.

After awhile I asked...

Me: You want to join us? 

Clare: okays..

so we just started playing dice bluff game together with her.

Slowly as she drank quite a bit she started to leaned more closely to me, at a point my elbow was a few inches away from her boobs, can literally some of the hair at my elbow "reaching out".

Suddenly she came close to my ear to whisper "lets make that friend of yours drink more" at the same time my elbows were literally enjoying the cushion of her boobs.

As we laughed and played, I decided to test the water by placing my hands on her left thigh. Didn't get much of a reaction from her, thought she just was too drunk. But they were soft & nice :).

Suddenly, she moved her legs more towards the left making my hands slip in between her thighs. 


Both her legs pressed against each other, trapping my hands in between. I could feel the warm vibe given out from the honeypot.

She looked at me and said "hmmm shiok" while smiling, as she moved closer towards the table my hands went deeper & closer to the honeypot.

I guess that was the sign, I decided to give a lil finger service by rubbing it against her panty.

We remained that way for a while.

Soon 1 of my colleague called for the billed to end off the night.

Being sad with that news I told her we'll be leaving soon, can see the sheer disappointment on her face.

Me: Hmm.. you want to go out for a smoke?

Clare: See you outside, I go toilet first!

Thinking to myself, did I just get ditched?

Remaining positive, as I walked out with my colleagues I told them I'm waiting for my Grab they go ahead first.

So as I waited outside thinking to myself how silly yet hopeful I must be.

After a while, though I just got ditched, decided to finish up the cig and head off.

A few minutes later, she suddenly popped up outside the pub, celebrating in my mind WOOHOO!

Me: Wow I thought you gonna ditch me!

Clare: hahaha, no the toilet Q was dam long..

Me: Sure? not cos you needed to find an excuse for your boyf inside?

Clare: The guys? nope, they are all just our friends.

Thinking to myself wow everything is clear!

Me: isit.. well now I feel safer from earlier *smirk*

Clare: Walao! *as she tried to hit my chest*

I moved closer right next to her giving her a hug

Me: I don't think you had enough though... could use more though..

Clare *cheeky smile*: Where to?

I grabbed her hand and started walking along, as I knew a hotel nearby.

As we walked along she started leaning closer to me, rubbing her boobs against my elbow.

Me: So horny uh?

Clare: Hehe!

Found a small corner along the path & pushed her to the corner.

I started caressing her neck and waist while kissing her intensely.
She grabbed my hands from her waist and pushed it down to her booty.

As I squeezed down harder, she gave out small moans of relief. 
At this moment I knew I had to give it to her hard later.

So decided to slip my hands from under her dress & take out her panty.

After a while we continued our way to the hotel, we got a little more frisky touching one another.

I noticed about 2 other guys behind us about 20m away, decided to give them a little visual therapy. 

As we walked I lifted up her dress & grabbed those ass cheeks in the other guys' view. They started walking even faster, trying to get closer.

Too bad we reached our hotel, she turned around to ask if this the place. She saw the 2 guys staring right at her.

Clare: You know they were behind us isit?

Me: They pretty much enjoyed your views too =)

We got a room and took the lift up, I as we walked to our room I noticed how they didn't have a single camera along the hallway.

As she was wearing a strapless dress, few meters before the room, I decided to quickly unzip & remove it as she continued walking to the room with confidence & smile.

We couldn't wait, as soon as we got in the room I pinned her against the wall & we started making out intensely, she saw through the mirror of me devouring her cute lil body.

To Be Continued...

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