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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Meet Ms Claire, Part 2

Part 2 of the story would be continued from the time we stepped foot into the room.

She whispered to my ear, Punish me! I've been a bad girl!

Took me awhile to comprehend on what she just said.

Liking where this is going, I turned her and pinned her face first on to the wall.

Started spanking that tight ass left & right, she began saying HARDER! HARDER!.

Thinking to myself wow this girl really wants it bad.

After a few more spanks, I started stripping off her all her clothes till she was bare naked.

I could see her smirking with pleasure as I took off her clothes 1 by 1.

Her hands slowly went through my pants grabbing on to TheSnake, as she rubbed could see how she opens up her mouth imagining it in her mouth...

Me: You want it?!

Claire: Feed me!

Me:  Get on your knees!

She quickly got on her knees smiling for the candy pop.

Me: Take off my pants first~

She began unzipping my pants,  as she pulled down my underwear TheSnake took a cheap shot by smacking on her chin... she looked utterly confused not knowing what she signed up for.

Me: You want it?!

Claire: Yes YES!

Started to dick slap her across the face while telling her to say it like she means it.

*Slutty Tone*
Claire: Fuck my mouth baby~

She slowly started licking the rod all the way to the tip as she glared with me with her puzzled looking to see what I would do to her next.

Me: You like it, bitch?!

Claire: mhmmm yesss...

Being in full slut fuck drive, I began to thrust my dick harder into her mouth while choking her mouth with my dick. Could see she really enjoys it.

Slowly pushing her body on to the ground, I started to fuck her mouth from the top and make a 180-degree turn.

She was really flexible, I lifted up her legs and saw her honey pot dripping with juice...

Slowly, but surely I stood up while hugging on to her wait to a standing 69 position.

Against the wall, I started licking her honey pot while she sucked on to TheSnake. The body started squirming more as she has some intense orgasm.

Knowing all is set, I moved her to the bed and started devouring every inch of her body till she started saying Fuck me!

We all know what happened next, so I'll leave it to your imagination.

The End.

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