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Monday, November 19, 2018

Double Trouble Part 1

This a 3 part series on happened about 5 years ago when I used to club often and got to know 2 pretty ladies Jessica and Joye who you just want to tap at least once. But both were attached 😑, although the 3 of us clicked pretty well through drinks and jokes. 

Eventually, we got pretty close to a point that I started calling them J1 (Jessica) & J2 (Joye) for short and even got introduced to their boyfriends, I would say this is one of the most concrete forms of being friendzoned. But, I didn't mind the friendship we had and not like it was my mission to bang every female Homosapien that roams this planet. 

1 month... 3 months... 6 months... all passed in a flash. 
One day.. Joye found out and told me Jessica recently broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years after she found out he has been cheating on her for over a year.

So Joye suggested that we surprise Jessica with a short getaway to get her minds off of things.
We got a 4 days 3 night trip to Phuket and booked one of those villas for the 4 of us including Joye's boyfriend.

The trip dates came closer and the 4 of us did some last min shopping to get Jessica a new luggage bag.
Ron, Joye's boyfriend pulled me to the side and told me that he can't make it for the trip since his office expects him to take care of an important project and didn't want to spoil the fun for the rest of us. He told me to look after the girls.

I would say things started to spark the moment the 3 of us boarded our early morning flight. Jessica took the window seat with Joye right beside her and me enjoying how the aisle looks 😒...

Mid-flight J2 kept getting up from her seat to the washroom quite a few time and J1 tried falling asleep but got interrupted. When J2 went to the loo again J1 pulled me over to the middle seat and told me to let J2 enjoy the aisle view.
Haha being a pampering trip for J1 I just obliged. Sitting right beside her I noticed the armrest was lifted up and our seats were pretty much connected. I didn't bother much and J1 went back to her snooze mode resting her head on my shoulders.

Without realizing I have been stealing whiffs off how great J1 smells and my pants began to get stiffer... OF ALL TIMES!
I tried the coughing method to get TheSnake into its sleep mode as well.

Me: *Cough* *Cough*

J1 staring at me with her annoyed face...
J1: Cold uh?

Me: uhmm.. a little..

J1: Come..

I had that puzzled look on my face not sure what she meant. J1 pulled me further to her side of the seat and covered me up with a part of her blanket. I could literally feel our body leaning on each other and my hands got caught in the middle awkwardly... she grabbed my hands and placed it around her back.

J1: Just this once okay? Don't tell her...

Couldn't help smirking a little
Me: okay..

J2 came back from the loo and looked confused seeing her leaning on me.. I just shrugged my shoulders. J2 sat down on my previous seat and covered up herself with my blanket to rest up.I guess it's just a habit just J2 pulled up the other side of the armrest to lean on me.

A sudden realization came to mind I'm not only their friend but also their portable lean-on-me machine. But I couldn't complain as my right hand was enjoying itself around J1's waist. I tried to get some rest myself too as it's gonna be a long day ahead.

Moments passed and I felt someone's hand on my upper right thigh drawing circles with her fingers the motion circumference kept growing slowly and slowly. It came to a point the tip of TheSnake was being touched little by little. With my mind all set on not wanting a boner high in the air, I nudged J1 a little and she stopped drawing circles but she ended up resting her hands on my thigh just beside my crotch and I swear I could literally feel her finger's heat on TheSnake. Without realizing my earlier nudge on J1 traveled its way to J2, waking her up slightly and she went back to sleep while leaning on me and resting the right hand on my left thigh giving TheSnake the full reason to rise up.

Being hopeless with my boner I forced myself to sleep...

The lights came on and it was time to land, JJ all got up and prepped for the landing.

Came close to my ears and whispered..

J1: Hor hor...

She saw my morning wood and it just won't go to rest mode felt so paiseh and when I went to reach out for my pillow I could see J2 over there glaring. Told myself how bad can it get now...

The plane landed safely and this is just the beginning on what unfolded...

The End
Stay tuned for Part 2 on Wednesday.

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